Don’t give up. Keep on writing. It may not happen today but it may happen tomorrow. And when you’re ready to publish, do it right and with your eyes wide open. The market is changing and it’s changing fast. Be on the lookout for what’s new, join groups to help you and don’t be afraid to mingle! There is a lot of help out there.” ~Martine Lewis author of Grey Eyes Series, Crossing the Barrier

“Keep writing and keep building your skills, no matter how much negative stuff gets flung your way. I was told repeatedly no one would ever publish my work. By the end of the year, I’ll have four books out and my fifth is coming 2017.” ~Laura Diamond author of Under My Skin

“Finding other writers to commiserate with, to share not only feedback on our projects, but all the ups and downs of this career, has been probably the most valuable thing for me. No one else really gets it like a fellow writer.”  ~Megan Grey author of  Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer and Other Tales

“FIND PEOPLE. You will need writerly friends. NEED.” ~Jolene Perry author of Blind Love

“Enjoy the journey. It’s yours and unique to you. Write because you love it and not because you want to be the next *insert bestselling author name here*. Publishing a book is one thing. Making a living at it is a whole other story.” ~David Powers King author of The Undead Road

“Read everything you can in the genre or subject matter in which you want to write, and then write, write, write.  It truly is a skill that can be acquired and improved upon.  Some people are born with natural talent, and that’s wonderful—but most people can get better at if there is time and opportunity. “ ~Heidi Ashworth author of O’er The River Liffey (Power of the Matchmaker)

“Write, write, and write! Never stop moving ahead with something, new or old, short or long. If you feel like your creativity is waning, feed it with good books, well-written movies, the best television shows, or your own art, but don’t feed it so long that it gets fat and lazy. Treat your creativity like an athlete. It needs rest and refueling, but it can sprint for hours on end too. Push it. Be amazing. Write!” ~ Charlie Pulsipher author of The Crystal Bridge – The Lost Shards bk 1